Crime City Syndicate Members

Crime City 101: Recruits and Applicants

Welcome!  If you are interested in joining the USEF Crime City Syndicate family, or have recently been accepted as a "new guy" (FNG) you must adhere to the minimum activity requirements listed here.  We need active recruits that will uphold our Code of Conduct and Battle Plans.

We are a consistent highly organized Top 250 (USF) & Top 150 (US1) ranked Crime City team with two fully active syndicates.  This allows our members to move back and forth depending on their availability for events and desire to spend gold for rank.

Influence points are the most important requirement for consideration in our syndicate system.  Active players that do not use gold should be able to easily earn the 20,000 minimum required for participation in USF.

For more active players or light gold spending players, our top syndicate (US1) requires 35,000 influence minimum during a battle event, and many of our players score higher due to excellent teamwork, even with minimum or no gold spent.

You can chat with us on GroupMe to discuss your application.

Recruit Requirements:
3-Day Battle Events: 20,000+ Influence Points
Attack Min: 200,000
Defense Min: 250,000
Income Per Hour: $250,000 (4x IPH daily donations required)
Age: 18 years and older only!

Syndicate Showdown Tournament Expectations:
Under Level 100: Very limited PvP is recommended to decrease XP gain.  Instead, you should ROB players, focusing on buildings that will only gain 1 XP per robbery (Modern Lofts, T-Shirt Stands, Carousels, Arcades, Souvenir Stands, and Laundromats under L7).  Doing this will help you gain individual tournament prizes, and syndicate tournament prizes.
Over Level 100: PvP is optional for players above L100, but we recommend you conduct as much robbery or PvP fighting as possible during tournaments.  This will gain you individual goal list prizes, individual tournament prizes, and syndicate tournament prizes.

Strategy and Team Suggestions:
- Once you are accepted, send your google docs login to CohibAA in GroupMe and we will add your access to our Team Tracking spreadsheets, Battle Plans and Roles, GroupMe chats, and more.

- No gold purchase is required in USEF, but you should be utilizing TapJoy every day for Free Gold.  We have several players who have consistently scored above 30,000 influence without using any gold, and the free gold will help YOU and the TEAM even more.

- Daily forum and donation participation is expected between battle events.  We have lots of bonuses but are focused on maximizing all available bonuses, which takes a coordinated effort every day.  Donations are recorded in the tracker and then deleted to clear the forum.

- During battle events, we expect full participation as often as possible.  We fight battles continually during events and expect you to follow directions from officers in the syndicate forum regarding goals and roles for each battle.

- Guns, Melee, Explosives, Armor, and Vehicles:  Read the game FAQ and understand how to best utilize your inventory.  Ask questions in the syndicate forum if you need guidance or want suggestions.  You should have as many of the best items you can afford, up to your usable mafia limit.

- MAFIA: Counts are not strictly enforced, but we recommend you use the maximum for your level up to 499.  Staying one below the 500 mark keeps you from being targeted by players looking to complete Thug Life Rounds from the goal list.

- DEFENSE: Stop upgrading defense buildings.  They do not provide the full defense shown, and your money and time is better invested in defensive equipment and money building upgrades for your hood.

- DONATIONS: We require four times your income per hour as a daily donation, to allow us to keep upgrading syndicate bonuses and buy hideouts.  Donate money as often as you would like, to avoid bank fees.  We ask you to only donate your bricks once per day, or every other day to avoid forum clutter from the notices.

Submit your application in the form below.
a) Your Mafia Code
b) You Player Level
c) Your Attack Skill
d) Your Defense Skill
e) Your Income Per Hour (IPH)
f) Previous Battle Influence Score (Screenshot proof may be requested)