Crime City Cheats & Free Gold

You want Free Gold?  From GREE?  Good luck!


Just kidding - GREE does offer a bonus program for gold buyers that can be quite valuable, depending on your level of spending.  See the details and request link below for more information on this free gold bonus program.

Free gold can be earned from TapJoy for watching videos, installing new apps, or participating in certain offers.  You should be able to earn around 5 to 10 free pieces of gold each day by just participating in a few offers.  If you really take advantage you can earn much more gold.

Vault of Gold
Vault of Gold
There are no cheat codes for gold, despite many attempts to trick players into adding mafia codes to their mafia under the guise of receiving gold cheats or money cheats.  This is unfortunately a very common tactic to see wall or other postings advising you to add a certain code to get a developer mode, or god mode, or free gold among many other scams.  Don't re-post someone's code 15 times (or whatever their magic number is) for them just to find out you have no more gold, and wasted your time.

You can report suspected hackers, glitch exploits, and other types of cheating in-game, or by sending your report to GREE support with the word CHEATING in the subject line to 

Earn Free Gold

You must REQUEST to be involved in the Bonus Program, it is not automatic when you buy gold.  You should also submit an email to GREE Support to ensure your enrollment is successful.

$500 Spent = 2,500 Free Gold Bonus

$1,000 Spent = 5,000 Free Gold Bonus + crate level equivalent exclusive item

$2,000 Spent = 20,000 Free Gold Bonus + crate level equivalent exclusive item

$3,000 Spent = 45,000 Free Gold Bonus + crate level equivalent exclusive item

$5,000 Spent = 125,000 Free Gold Bonus crate level equivalent exclusive item.

$10,000 Spent = 250,000 Free Gold Bonus
plus one item specially modified for this program, equivalent to an event item.

Bonuses will be automatically granted once per month and are usually applied within the first 7 days of the following month for the previous month’s activities.  Bonuses are applied to the highest tier met. For example, $720 is spent in one month, the bonus would be for the $500 tier. If you purchased $4,000 you can receive a bonus once for the $3,000 tier.  There is a separate Bonus Program for Money in Crime City.

Bonus eligibility is tracked in the US dollar amounts for each package purchasable in the in-game store. The largest-sized package at the normal price would contribute $100 towards the bonus tiers. The same package on 20% sale would contribute $80 towards the bonus tiers. Note that GREE will NOT make exceptions to this rule.