Crime City's Best Equipment

Which Crime City Equipment items are the best?  It depends on your strategy, cash flow, and objectives.  The best guns, melee, armor, explosives, and vehicles depends on what you can afford and what you need.  The key when deciding which piece of equipment to purchase next is remembering the basics of PvP fighting; you can only equip up to 500 members of your mafia with one of each of the five items.  So, you can only use your best 500 guns, your best 500 melee items, your best 500 pieces of armor, your best 500 explosives, and your best 500 vehicles.  This holds true whether you are attacking, or defending.

When deciding if you should purchase a new item, you must consider what other items you have in that category (guns, melee, armor, explosives, or vehicles), and whether your objective is to increase your offensive attack power, or your defensive score.  It is tedious, but you will want to keep track of your top 500 items with our Crime City Equipment Tracker.  Then, you can reference what is the highest score item that you can afford at your Crime City Player Level.

For reference, chose the Gold, Respect, and Money matrix listed below.  These equipment item lists are sorted by BEST VALUE, meaning the highest attack or defense score per Gold Bar, Respect Coin, or Dollar, as indicated.

Gold Items

Respect Items

Money Items