Crime City Syndicate Strategy

Crime City Basic Playing Strategy
To be a strong player and a valuable asset to your syndicate, you should develop a strategy to meet your goals.  Due to the nature of player level and experience points (XP) in Crime City, many players adopt a "camping" type of strategy, with focus on keeping their level as low as possible, while maximizing attack, defense, and income strength.

Other players surpassing the highest player bracket and entering the "shark tank" of Crime City have to use a different strategy.  A player that has already reached a level where players have gained significant statistical advantages other them, may choose to participate fully in as many activities as possible such as Limited Time Quests and PvP Tournaments, to gain strength and earn stronger weapons, with little or no concern for XP gain.

Crime City Syndicate Strategy
To be a successful Crime City Syndicate requires constant evaluation and evolution of strategy, including testing of new battle techniques and strategies, and continual improvement of battle tactics through experience.

During the time between war events in the Battle for Empire City is when you must prepare.  This is the time to properly build your roster, evaluate roles within the Syndicate, and plan for battle strategy for PvP events.  You will want to maximize your Syndicate Bonuses during this time, and stockpile your bricks for building the hideouts needed for Syndicate Battles.

When a major Syndicate Battle event begins, there is little time for preparations and planning.  One key factor in the success of your Syndicate will be how well they work as a team, and share intelligence gathered during Battles.  Without teamwork, the influence your syndicate is able to earn will be severely limited.

Dedicated Syndicates should use a Crime City Syndicate Battle Tracker to collect and share information.  The template for this document can be found below, and can be imported to a common location, such as Google Drive for document sharing.  Then, all members of your syndicate can access and add their scouting information to your battle tracker.

Crime City Syndicate Battle Tracker
Basic teamwork strategy involves assigning roles to the members of your syndicate.  These roles may include Power Attackers to take our enemy Defense Leaders quickly, Scouts to test enemy syndicate defense strength once the Defense Leader has been defeated, other strong attackers to take our enemy hideouts, gold spenders to maximize your influence earnings once the Defense Leader and Hideout are destroyed, and more.  Defining these roles and their responsibilities will be a major determining factor in the success of your syndicate's teamwork.

Battle for Empire City In-Game FAQ:

What is the Battle for Empire City?

The Battle for Empire City event is a syndicate-oriented event where you compete to earn your syndicate Influence Points. The members of syndicates with the most Influence Points will receive great rewards The Syndicate with the most points at the end of the event will win permanent control of the area of the city which is under contention, along with a special syndicate bonus.

How do I earn Influence Points?

Influence Points can be earned only by having your syndicate engage in battle with another syndicate. Once a syndicate has declared battle, it will get matched up with another syndicate and battle will begin. Each battle lasts 60 minutes. At the end of 60 minutes, the side that has the most Influence Points wins. During a battle, there are two ways to get Influence Points: attacking members of the opposing syndicate and attack the Hideout and Safehouse of the opposing syndicate. Players get more Influence Points by attacking members than by attacking buildings, however they only get points if they win the match. Attacking the Hideout or Safehouse gives you less points then attacking players, but the points are guaranteed. The Influence Points received from attacking a Hideout or Safehouse are based on the damage you do, which in turn is based on your attack stats. Please note that all Influence Points you earn will be halved as long as the rival syndicate's Hideout is still standing.

What are Hideouts used for?

Syndicates will use one Hideout per battle. While a syndicate's Hideout is standing, the opposing syndicate will earn half as many Influence Points. Syndicates can spend money and bricks to upgrade their Hideouts to level 10. A Hideout will be consumed at the end of each battle regardless of whether it was completely destroyed or not.

What is the Safehouse used for?

The Safehouse remains for players from the opposing syndicate to attack after the Hideout is destroyed. It serves no other purpose.

What is the defense leader and how can I defeat them?

Each syndicate can set one member as the syndicate's Defense Leader. As long as the Defense Leader remains undefeated with part of their shield up, no other syndicate members can be attacked during battle. Once the Defense Leader has been successfully beaten by an attack, the rest of the syndicate members can be attacked. Defense Leaders have a new resource called "Shield Points". They start out with 100 Shield Points. Each unsuccessful attack will drain 10 Shield Points from the Defense Leader. A successful attack will consume all the Shield Points. Once the Shield Points reach 0, the Defense Leader is considered beaten and the remaining syndicate members can be attacked. The Defense Leader is chosen by the syndicate leader PRIOR to battle being declared.